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EP Commerce - your partner in the fast moving food and non-food market


over 150 cars, trucks, vans and pickups


we make over 4500 deliveries daily

14 000sq.m.+

we have over 14 000 sq.m. of warehouse space


Wide range of partners

Why EP Commerce?

"Always better!"

We are a Bulgarian trading company with experience and position on the fast moving food and non-food market.

We hold serious and stable relations with many Bulgarian and international manufacturers.

Our team is tireless and driven to deliver exceptional results. Our employees strive to be "Always Better!"

15 years


15 years of success

EP Commerce Ltd. started its activity in 2007 and during all these years it has been working to consolidate its position and expand the scope of its activities.


and storage areas

Infrastructure and storage areas

EP Commerce Ltd. has 5 bases, over 14,000 square meters of space and 11,000 pallet places.



Means of transport

To ensure quality distribution, the company has secured 65 trucks and 85 cars for the needs of the sales team.


management system

ERP - management system

EP Commerce Ltd. has a powerful sales management system SelMatic ERP, individually designed to meet the needs of the company.

Wide range of products

Exceptional quality and speed

EP Commerce Ltd. offers a wide range of products. It is an importer of Hell Energy energy drink, the Ernet range of detergents and PickMe home supplies.

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Quality distribution, accuracy and honesty

We strive to build a professional team focused on company goals and standards. We invest time and effort to develop and improve the knowledge and skills of our employees.

Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Sales Representative


All the latest from our world

ERNET Cleaners

Designed with the home in mind, the ERNET range of cleaners includes products for the complete cleaning of your home, office or commercial premises.

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