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ERNET Cleaners

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Designed with the home in mind, the ERNET range of cleaners includes products for the complete cleaning of your home, office or commercial premises. When it comes to hygiene ERNET is a brand with proven quality in cleaning bathrooms, kitchens and various surfaces, dealing effectively with any dirt, stains and unpleasant odours.

  • Ernet Kitchen 750ml - With its improved formula, Ernet Kitchen cleans everyday dirt and grease stains in your kitchen.

  • Ernet Bath 750ml - Ernet Bathroom's powerful formula removes dirt and limescale stains in your bathroom. It rinses out easily and provides a perfect scrub-free clean.

  • Ernet Faience 750ml - Provides an effective solution against yellow stains that appear on tile and grout joints over time. Ensures long-lasting cleanliness without damage to surfaces.

  • Ernet Degreaser 750ml - Cleans the most stubborn dirt and grease stains in the kitchen.

  • Ernet Anchor stone and rust 750ml - The perfect remedy for descaling and rust stains. Easy to apply, rinse off and provides immaculate cleanliness and shine.

  • Ernet Universal 750ml - Its specially formulated formula ensures practicality and speed in cleaning every corner of your home - from the kitchen and bathroom to clothes, curtains, foils and carpets.

  • Ernet Oven 750ml - Removes the toughest, dried-on grease stains and burnt residue - makes your oven and grill sparkling clean and bright.

  • Ernet Metal and stainless steel steel 750ml - Easily cleans limescale, grease, fingerprints and water spots on metal or stainless steel surfaces without scrubbing or scratching.